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Scholarship Program

Endowed Scholarship Program

The NRCC Educational Foundation awards scholarships of up to $1,000 to support studies at New River Community College.

These awards are based on criteria such as financial need and academic achievement, and are available to persons who are enrolled or intend to enroll in specific programs.

These scholarships are made possible by the generous donations of individuals and organizations who have chosen to provide their support for students through the NRCC Educational Foundation's Endowed Scholarship Program.

Applications are available only online, for more information you may contact the Foundation Office at (540) 674-3618.

The applications are accepted January 5, 2015 through February 16, 2015 for scholarships in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.

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Eligibility Requirements for Endowed Scholarships

Except as otherwise noted, the following general criteria apply to all foundation scholarships.

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Virginia living in Giles, Floyd, Pulaski or Montgomery Counties or Radford City. (Note: A limited number of scholarships do not have this requirement)
  • Applicant must enroll in a program of study or declare a major at New River Community College.
  • Applicant must furnish fully completed application and two letters of recommendation from non-family members. (It is preferred that one letter be from an educator or former employer.)
  • Applicant must furnish copies of high school and/or college transcripts.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain a class load of 9 credit hours or more at NRCC, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Once enrolled at NRCC, scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (a B average). (Note: A 3.0 average is not a requirement for initial consideration for a scholarship award.)

Available Endowed Scholarships

  • Alumni Association Scholarship
  • William M. Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Bane Atkinson Blacksburg Rotary Scholarship
  • Bane and Margaret Atkinson Scholarship
  • AT&T Scholarship
  • O. G. and Ella Bailey Memorial Scholarship
  • Edwin L. Barnes Faculty/Staff Scholarship
  • Barnes Family Scholarship
  • Bank of America Scholarship
  • Daniel and Joanne Bell Scholarship
  • Stuart Beville Blacksburg Rotary Vocational Scholarship
  • Jack & Martha Bolt Scholarship
  • H. T. and Ola Bowling Scholarship
  • Celanese Corporation Scholarship
  • CELCO Federal Credit Union Scholarship
  • Ronald Chaffin and Family Scholarship
  • Warren and Iris Agee Childers Scholarship
  • Fred N. Cole Memorial Scholarships
  • Corning Incorporated Scholarship
  • T. S. and Lillian Dalton Scholarship
  • James B. Darcy Memorial Scholarship
  • Deeda Scholarship
  • Bob and Cornelia Dobyns Scholarships
  • Richard Allison & Martha Snow Dobyns Memorial Scholarship
  • Dublin Lions Club Scholarship
  • L. T. Dudley Memorial Scholarship
  • Randall and Anna Edwards Scholarship
  • Betty and Bill Elmore Scholarship
  • William Howell Elmore Memorial Scholarship
  • Emeriti Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship
  • L. Brinkley Eure Memorial Scholarship
  • Tina O’Dell Fitzpatrick Memorial Scholarship
  • Billy Friend Scholarship
  • Thomas Jefferson Gates Memorial Scholarship
  • Howard and Mary B. Gilmer Scholarship
  • Andrew L. Graham Patriotic Scholarship
  • Bill Hale Memorial Scholarship
  • Carol Thomas Hancock Scholarship
  • Alex M. Harman, Jr., Scholarships
  • Albertis Harrison, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
  • Rachel Mable Hendricks Memorial Scholarship
  • Joseph Caudle Hillman Memorial Scholarship
  • Ed and Pierrette Huber Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Huber Memorial Scholarship
  • Ann and H. W. Huff, Jr., Scholarships
  • Huff Petroleum Co., Inc. Scholarship
  • William and Sallie Ingles Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert J. Ingram Scholarship
  • Alice Webb Johnson Scholarship
  • Ben and Edwina Karlin Memorial Scholarship
  • Katz Family Scholarship
  • Charlene Doby Kilgore Memorial Scholarship
  • Kilgore Family Scholarship
  • Wilson, Lura, and Jerry Kilgore Memorial Scholarship
  • Gordon and Barbara King Scholarship
  • Claud K. and Virginia R. Kirkland Scholarship
  • Kollmorgen Scholarship
  • Lester L. “Skip” Lamb Nursing Scholarship
  • Jack M. Lewis Scholarship
  • George and Marjorie Lyle Scholarship
  • Melvin G. Mabry Scholarship
  • James G. Manns, Jr., Scholarship
  • Samuel Adams Martin Memorial Scholarship
  • Martin’s Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Odell and Novella Mayberry Scholarships
  • Jane O. McCarthy Memorial Scholarship
  • Thomas J. McCarthy, Jr., Scholarship
  • Thomas J. McCarthy, Sr., Memorial Scholarship
  • Duane M. Mills Scholarship
  • Moore Family Scholarship
  • Joseph Moore Memorial Scholarship
  • W. E. C. Moore Scholarships
  • Burke Mottesheard Criminal Justice Scholarship
  • National Bank of Blacksburg Scholarship
  • New River Valley Charitable Trust Scholarships
  • New River Valley Emergency Squad Scholarships
  • New River Valley Science Scholarship
  • Hiawatha and Beverly Nicely Scholarships
  • D. Travis Nichols Memorial Scholarship
  • NRCC Foundation Board of Directors Scholarships
  • Office of Institutional Advancement Scholarship
  • Osborne-Kirk Scholarship
  • Phlegar Guthrie Scholarship
  • Frederic H. and Catherine M. Pollard Scholarship
  • Carol C. Powell Scholarship
  • Les and Joyce Pugh Scholarships
  • Charles L. Robbins, III,Scholarship
  • James W. Robertson Memorial Scholarships
  • Bethany Lorraine Richter Rooker Scholarship
  • Daniel J. Rooker Memorial Scholarship
  • Lulu Eliza Rooker Memorial Scholarship
  • Marion W. Rose Memorial Scholarship
  • Philip Sadler Memorial Scholarship
  • Carilion Saint Albans Psychiatric Hospital R. N.  Nursing Scholarship
  • William B. Sanders Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul C. Shelor Scholarship
  • Simmons Family Scholarships
  • Catherine Harman Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Helen Gregory Smith Scholarship
  • Paul and Roberta Steele Scholarship
  • StellarOne Bank Scholarship
  • Grace Eva Mabry Tawes Scholarship
  • Archa and Marjorie H. Vaughan Scholarship
  • Marjorie Hope Harman Vaughan Memorial Scholarship
  • V. E. (Jack) Vaughn Memorial Scholarship
  • Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. Scholarship
  • Howard Johnson Wade, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship
  • Lee and Anne Wheeler Scholarship
  • E. Pierce Whitman Memorial Scholarship
  • Ellen R. Whitman Scholarships
  • Jeanne B. Whitman Scholarship
  • Wolverine Advanced Materials Scholarship
  • Thomas E. Worrell, Jr., Scholarship
  • Jon and Mary Wyatt Scholarship
  • Everett Lee Yearout, Jr., Scholarship

Scholarships in Progress

At the time of printing, a number of additional scholarships were in the process of being established. Once fully funded and available to students, they will be added to future versions of this publication. They will also be listed on the NRCC website at