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Program Review Process

The college uses a three-year program review cycle to afford educational programs the opportunity to reflect upon and share the results of their annual programs assessments for the three prior years, as well as their plans for the program moving forward, including improvements based upon findings of annual assessment efforts.

Every year, program faculty and their supervising academic dean will meet for “health checks” to review and discuss both quantitative and qualitative data about their programs. This data will be accessed and edited in NETSPACE under the “Reports” tab. The office of institutional effectiveness and research will provide the quantitative data, i.e., student demographics, graduation numbers, select results from the graduation survey and retention data. The assessment coordinator and deans will work with program faculty to collect and report the qualitative data not provided by the office of institutional research and effectiveness, e.g., program needs, industry trends and employer feedback. Annual program “health checks” are to be completed by January 31.

These annual “health checks” between the dean and program faculty will culminate in outcome setting for the educational program. The aim will be to articulate one to three outcomes related to the program’s vitality goal, along with their measures and targets. These will be entered in NETSPACE following the program and general education outcomes and be reported on at the following year’s annual meeting. Follow up on these outcomes, including results/findings and action plans, will subsequently be documented in NETSPACE. Refer to the “Program Review Timeline” for a summary of the annual cycle.

During each January in-service, the designated educational program faculty present to the college’s curriculum and instruction committee, division deans, president, vice president for instruction and student services, and representatives from both the vice president for instruction and student services’ staff and the president’s staff. Refer to the “Program Review Report-out Schedule” for the schedule of programs to report-out.

The Model

Review and/or establish program vitality goal(s) consistent with mission and goals of the college for the current academic year (by September 1)

Set program vitality outcomes consistent with program vitality goal(s) for the current academic year (by September 1)

Set target outcomes for current academic year (by September 1)

Annual “Health Check” with Deans (by March 31)

Report-outs by scheduled programs (by April 21)

Review results/findings of prior year’s assessment (by September 1)

Develop action plan for the current academic year based on results and findings of prior year’s assessment and “health check” (by September 1)

Implementation of action plans and assessment (Fall – Spring Semesters)



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