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Payment Plans

Payment Methods

  • Automatic payment from checking or savings account (ACH)
  • Automatic payment from credit card or debit card (An additional service fee will be assesed)
  • Regularly scheduled payments will process on the 5th or 20th of the month

Cost to Participate

  • $30 nonrefundable enrollment fee per agreement
  • $30 nonrefundable returned payment fee if a payment is returned

Simple Steps to Enroll

Before proceeding, please read the following:

Students:  If someone is paying on your behalf, you MUST first set them up as an Authorized Payer.

Authorized Payers:  If you are paying on behalf of the student, the student MUST access or set up their account first and then add you as an Authorized Payer.

  • Go to nr.edu
  • Log on to MY ACCOUNTS, and click on SIS (Student Information System)
  • Select "My Student Information" tile
  • Under Finances, click on Apply for Payment Plan

Target Dates to Enroll By:

Summer 2024 Plans open for enrollment starting April 1, 2024
Enrollment Period Required Down Payments Number of Payments Months of Payments
April 1 - May 7 50% 2 May & June
May 8 - June 6 60% 1 June only
Fall 2024 Plans open for enrollment starting July 1, 2024
Enrollment Period Required Down Payments Number of Payments Months of Payments
July 1 - July 5 20% 4 July - October
July 6 - August 7 40% 3 August - October
August 8 - September 5 60% 2 September & October

Note: All down payments and enrollments fees are processed immediately! If the down payment and/or enrollment fee payment fails the plan will be terminated.

Authorized Payers:

  • If you have used Nelnet before, simply Sign In to manage your account. (Sign In - is hypderlinked to online.campuscommerce.com)
  • If you are new to Nelnet, click on the link from your email invite to create an online account
nrcc elnet mycollegepaymentplan.com/nr



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