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Welcome to Engineering Design Technology Website Engineering Design Technology
Engineering Design Engineering Design Technology
Aerospace Concept Design Aerospace Design
Electric and Hybrid Car Design Car Design
Unmanned Air and Ground System Technology Unmanned Air and Ground System Technology
Unmanned Air and Ground System Technology Mechanical Design
Individual/Team Projects Individual/Team Projects
Special Projects Special Projects
Queen Anne's Revenge (QAR) Queen Anne's Revenge (QAR)
SSBN-X Concept Design SSBN-X Concept Design
Virginia Class - Submarine Virginia Class - Submarine
project quotes Project Quotes
Careers in Engineering Design Technology
How to Become a Student Admissions/Records Website


  • General --- Includes all CADD software used and Autodesk product links plus Autodesk Point A collaborative web site.
    • Autodesk --- Introduce Autodesk Inventor™ Software products
    • AutoCAD --- See AutoCAD software. Use AutoCAD 2010 is now available for a free 30-days
    • Best of the Web -since 1994 --- CAD and CAM
    • Revit Architecture --- Offer Autodesk VIZ 4 software(formerly 3D Studio VIZ®)
    • 3D Studio Max --- Offer 3D Studio MAX product, news, resources, and discussion forums
    • Sketchup 7--- Google SketchUp it create, modify and share 3D models for free
    • Adobe CS3 (4) --- Adobe Creative Suite 4
    • Revit City --- Share their latest ideas or creations, and quickly and easily find the information or families they are looking for
    • Augi (AutoCAD User Group Intl.) --- Autodesk user group international
    • Feature CAM --- By Engineer Geometry Systems; it offers Current news, products, and support. It is good to see if you want to know about featureMill
    • Point A --- Industry news, links, and resources; searchable databases of parts, materials,and symbols. Project-hosting services that help design teams to collaborate more efficiently; hosted software applications; support documents, product tips, discussion groups, online training, books, and other resources to help you get the most out of your Autodesk software
  • CADD Topics --- Part library, CADD magazine sites, industry news, student software pricing and purchase.
    • CADalog --- 2D Standard Part Library, Member Software Discount, CADalog Magazine Articles, CADalog Freeware
  • 3D Topics --- Great resource locations for developing 3D models. Includes links to 3D online magazines, industry news and jobs. Other links would include 3D libraries, 3D products and software used within the industry.
    • 3D Cafe --- Great resource for computer graphic artists, web developers, CAD architects, and scientific visualization
    • 3D Up --- Exclusive High-End Models ready for Movies, TV and Advertising Spots; totally Free! Models, meshes, and textures
    • Amazing 3D --- Models, meshes, and textures
    • 3D Total --- 3 D design, Models, Textures, Tutorials
  • Educational Opportunities --- Educational advancement opportunities including four (4) year bachelor's degree programs. An option for graduating two (2) year students with Associate Degree in CADD is to plan to attend the East Tennessee State University four year Engineering Technology Degree program after graduation. ETSU has accepted all courses from our two year degree program. Other regional colleges include: Old Dominion University (ODU) Bachelor in Mechanical and Civil Engineering Degree programs, Bluefield State University (BSC) Bachelor in Architectural, Electrical, Civil Engineering and Mining Technology Degree programs; Virginia Tech, Radford University or any other Virginia State University with a technology bachelor's degree program.
    • ODU --- Old Dominion University offers bachelor degree in Mechanical and Civil Engineering degree program.
    • BSC --- Bluefield State College bachelor degree in Architectural, Electrical, Civil Engineering and Mining Technology degree programs.
    • VT --- Virginia Tech bachelor degree in several kinds of Engineering programs.
    • RU --- Radford University bachelor's and master's degree in various kinds of programs.
  • News Letters --- Provides links to 3D Artist, Digimation.
    • 3D Artist --- This site is designed for quick access to practical info (text) for busy working artists. 3D Artist is a glossy print publication coming to you from one of the world's art capitals--Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and is dedicated to all whose artful occupations and avocations make use of affordable desktop 3D graphics.
  • Employment --- Links to local, regional and national sites for employment. Includes link to Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) web site. NRCC's Job Placement office is available to help any student, present or past, find a job. Link to NRCC's annual job fair and companies attending.
    • Monster.com --- Find the job you're looking for from 458,982 job postings now.
    • Careerbuilder.com --- You've posted your resume on Careerbuilder.com for exposure to top organizations. Go a step further! Use our highly effective Jobs by Email feature! It automatically searches our database of 250,000 jobs for the ones that fit you best and emails them to the mailbox you select!
    • VEC --- The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) is pleased to provide you with easy access to information about job opportunities and the labor market in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    • NRCC Workforce Development --- New River Community College offers Workforce Development to help any student, present or past, find a job.
    • NRCC's Job Fair --- New River Community College's annual job fair and companies attending
    • Flipdog.com --- Fetch your next job here.
    • Engineering Resume Writing Guide --- Engineering Resume [2019] - Example & Full Guide
    • How to Write a Cover Letter--- How to Write a Cover Letter & Get the Job [5+ Real-Life Examples]
    • How to Discuss Strengths and Weaknesses in an Interview --- Strengths and Weaknesses for Job Interviews [2019 Best Answers]

Engineering Design Technology Contact Information

General questions and requests about Engineering Design Technology should be directed to Jeff Levy 1-866-462-6722, extension 4362, or (540) 674-3600, extension 4362.
You may also email jlevy@nr.edu.

Engineering Design Technology Faculty

Call (540) 674-3600 or toll-free 1-866-462-6722, then you will be prompted to add the extension number to reach any employee.

Douglas Conner


Adjunct Instructor

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Jeff Levy


Instructor of Drafting/EDT Program Head

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Zach Wehr


Adjunct Instructor

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