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Unmanned Air and Ground System Technology

Over the past six years, students have worked in conjunction with many individuals, companies and universities on industry-based projects. These areas have varied from concept designs of UAV, UCAV and UGVs to the reverse engineering of the U.S. Navy’s most classified weapon -- a Virginia Class Fast-Attack Nuclear Submarine.

The unmanned concept designs have varied over the years and ranged from tactical UGV’s to reconnaissance drones, to flying wing bombers, strike fighters, vertical take-off and landing UAV’s to this year’s fifth generation Unmanned Air Superiority Fighter (UASF) and a modular tactical, reconnaissance and crowd control UGV.

Both the UASF & UGV projects are true cross-curriculum projects that include three NRCC transfer engineering students on each team. These teams are also working with professors and graduate students from two major universities, two professional concept artists and engineers and a computational fluid dynamics company in Michigan.

AHS Drone Competition

AZ Render 0
AZ Render 1
AZ Render 2
AZ Render 3
New River Harrier 1
New River Harrier 2
Student project FE2
Student project FE3
 Student project FE4
Flight for Animation
Harrier Front ISO
Harrier Front
Harrier Landing 2
Harrier Landing 3
Harrier Landing 4
Part Details
Titan Render

Unmanned Air Superiority Fighter

flight sim
Mike Brown Sketches
Conceptual Model
Conceptual Model 3A
AIM 9X Sidewinder
Weapon Systems
Weapon Systems -VEL
AGM114 Hellfire
AGM114 Blueprint
Radar and Targetting Suite
Radar and Targetting Suite Blueprint
Radar and Communications
Radar and Communications 1
X Plane
X Plane 2
Fifth Generation Fighter
Plane 3
Plane 4
Plane Landing
Back Plane
Table of Contents
Student project QF36
Blueprint QF 36
Components - QF 36
Aerodynamics Slide 0
Aerodynamics Slide 1
Aerodynamics Slide 2
Propulsion Slide 8
P&W F 135 Turbofan Diagram
Propulsion Components image
Propulsion Details and Parts BluePrint
Propulsion image
student project QF-36 image


F119 slide 1
F119 slide 2
F-35 Lightning II Propulsion Slide 1
F-35 Lightning II Propulsion
F404 With Rotating Nozzle Assembly
F404 Performance Charateristics
FJ44 Custom Turbofan Engine
F404 Swivel Variant Stol
F404 Swivel Variant Stol slide 2
FJ44 slide 4
FJ44 slide 7
Landing Gear Frame
GE F404 Full Assembly
PGE F404 Turbine Shaft
GE F404 Casing Dimensions
GE F404 Exploded Assembly
GE J-85 Turboshaft and Ducted Fan


GE J-85 Turboshaft Exploded Assembely
GE J-85 Turboshaft Full Assembely
J-85 Turboshaft Section
J-85 Turboshaft Converted Assembely
J-85 Turboshaft View
J-85 Turboshaft Exploded Assembely
FJ44 slide 2
FJ44 slide 3
FJ44 slide 5

UAV/UCAV - Details

AGM 114K
Landing Gear Parts
Air/Fuel Supply System
Front Seal
Part Details 1
Part Details 2
Part Details 3
AGM 114K
Radar Design Exploded Assembly
The Violent Incident
Landing Gear Frame
M299 Internal Rail System
M299 Internal Rail System for AGM 114K Longbow
Main Landing Gear Exploded Assembly
Nose Gear Exploded View
Suspension Assembly
Wheel Assembly

Modular Design Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Chimera Armor Assembly
Tactical Weapon System
Chimera Assembly Ground Vehicle
Chimera Armor Assembly Part
Electrical System Blueprint
Electrical System Components
Chimera AGM Launcher
Chimera AGM Launcher Image
Electrical System 1
Recon Camo Vehicle
Blue Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Riot Control
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 1
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 2
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 3
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 4
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 6
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 7
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 9
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Slide 10

Engineering Design Technology Contact Information

General questions and requests about Engineering Design Technology should be directed to Jeff Levy 1-866-462-6722, extension 4362, or (540) 674-3600, extension 4362.
You may also email jlevy@nr.edu.

Engineering Design Technology Faculty

Call (540) 674-3600 or toll-free 1-866-462-6722, then you will be prompted to add the extension number to reach any employee.

Douglas Conner


Adjunct Instructor

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Jeff Levy


Instructor of Drafting/EDT Program Head

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Zach Wehr


Adjunct Instructor

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