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NRCC Class of 2023 Graduate Profile: Morgan Gee

Aug 04 2023

NRCC Class of 2023
Morgan Gee

Morgan Gee
Morgan Gee, NRCC Class of 2023

Hometown:     Dublin, Va.
High School:    Pulaski County High School 2012
Degrees/Certificates/Diplomas earned: associate degree in nursing

Morgan Gee came to NRCC right after high school. 

“I wanted to begin here because it was close to home to get a real feel of the next few years of college,” said Morgan. 

During that time, she began to build a relationship with Angie Covey, NRCC Educational Foundation’s executive director.

“She has always been my supporter and person that I have been able to turn to no matter what,” recalled Morgan.

However, in 2013, Morgan’s world drastically changed.  Her mother passed away, and at only 19 years old, Morgan found herself needing a job and an apartment. She decided to take time off college.  Eventually, she married and had two children. But she never lost her desire to become a nurse.

In 2020, after a nearly 10-year break from college, Morgan decided to finish what she started and return to NRCC’s nursing program.

“I would not have chosen anywhere else,” said Morgan. “It’s sort of like saying it’s where my roots are… I wanted to return to college because it has always been my greatest heart’s desire to be a nurse.”

Returning to college with two small children wasn’t easy for Morgan.  But she had a great support system and family at home cheering her on.  She also credits NRCC’s nursing faculty for being there for her during some of the more challenging moments, including her instructors Helen Wolfe, Caitlin Reed, and Wendy Hay.

“What I have learned from Mrs. Wolfe I will carry with me all throughout my nursing career. She has pushed me, believed in me, and motivated me.”

“Ms. Reed is an incredible teacher and has a way of helping students learn and apply the information that is given to them in a way that most cannot.”

“Mrs. Hay was my powerhouse this semester. She has been a godsend and so incredible to taking the time to help shape and guide me…She has truly been my light at the end of the tunnel and standing at the finish line cheering me on to push forward.”

In May 2023, Morgan fulfilled her lifelong dream and graduated with a degree in nursing. 

“School has been very difficult, but I remain focused on the end result…I chose to pick myself up and push forward.”

She enjoyed cardiology, and after graduation from NRCC, she found a nursing position in a cardiac ICU.

“In the ICU, patient to nurse ratios are slightly smaller so I have the ability to build that rapport with patients’ families and the patients themselves. I will be able to take more time to dedicate my time to the care that they will need and make sure that it is adequate.”

And she’s not finished yet.  Morgan has also been taking classes since January 2023 to complete her bachelor's degree at Radford University.

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