Terms of Use Agreement

Acceptance of Terms

OTIS (Open Text Initiative System) is an open and virtual collection of linked and original resources chosen by higher education faculty of various disciplines. It is intended to allow faculty to collect and store materials to create, supplement, or enhance a course offering. Faculty can easily and quickly deliver any number of stored items to students or any other persons for whom materials are relevant. Faculty agree to use materials for personal, educational, and non-commercial purposes.

By accessing and/or using this library to search for, share, or collect resources, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

User Submissions

By contributing an original resource, you agree the material will be freely available to all other OTIS users to use, revise, and redistribute, and requires no prior permission for use. Otherwise, if you prefer different terms for your original resource, you can attach a Creative Commons license to whose terms other users will adhere.

By submitting an original resource, you are responsible for the content presented in the resource and for respecting any copyright restrictions on included information. You are responsible for making sure all copyright guidelines have been adhered to.

You may submit links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. OTIS is not responsible for the availability of external links. OTIS does not endorse, nor is liable for, any content, services, or other materials available on these sites and resources and/or the results of using these sites and resources.

Accuracy of Information Disclaimer

OTIS resources are offered for teaching and learning purposes. However, OTIS is not responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information made available in the virtual library.

Removal of Links, Resources, and Accounts

You are responsible for any information or materials you contribute to OTIS. OTIS administrators are not obligated to monitor any resource available in its virtual library but does reserve the right to review any material. The OTIS [administrators] also reserves the right to remove any material or link that is unavailable, unacceptable, or violates this user agreement. In addition, the OTIS steering committee reserves the right to terminate accounts of users who violate this user agreement.

Copyright Infringement

The OTIS steering committee reserves the right to terminate accounts of users who violate intellectual property rights of others. If you feel your intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others have been violated, please first contact the user responsible for the submitted material and then report the violation to your college’s OTIS administrator.

Violations of User Agreement

Violations of this user agreement include, but are not limited to:

Privacy Policy

OTIS follows Virginia Information Technologies Agency and Virginia Community College System standards and policy for collecting personal information of its users. Accessibility of OTIS OTIS is not responsible for the ADA compliance of its users’ submissions and/or sites whose links are listed in the virtual library. OTIS strives to be compliant with ADA standards